Track listing:


  1. Attention Kills
  2. You're So Complicated
  3. F.A.M.E. For All My Enemies (Radio Edit)
  4. Point Defiance
  5. White Hores In America
  6. Shooting Ghosts
  7. Minted
  8. Come As You Are
  9. Liberatango
  10. Point Definance
  11. Questions Of A Lesser God
  12. For All My Enemies


Studio Credits:

All songs mastered by Darren Morris

Copyright © ROY INC


Tracks 1.4. 5: FMC Recording Studios

Tracks 2. 6: Burnt Out Stable girl Studio Tracks 3.12: Jose Macabra Recording Studio

Track 7: george Thomson & Jeanga Becker at Sounds & Sons Studio

Track 9: george Thomson Studio Production

Tracks 8.9.11: Roland Spark Studio Tracks Darren Morris Recording Studio

We Were Here, I'm Just Like You (vinyl)

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  • The vinyl album of ROY INC's We Were Here, I'm Just Like You.