Roy Inc

Roy Inc is the latest phase of Roy Anthony Brown's burgeoning musical career. Aside from the occasional, memorable shows he put on at clubs back in the day - " works in progress", as he now affectionately terms them - he has previously fronted bands and projects-proper, including Recreation, Platinum (a heavy rock group) and This Is War, achieving considerable success on the live circuit.

This time around, he is rehearsing and recording as a solo artist, in cahoots with the cult production and song-writing duo, Paul Tierney and Fraser McCormick of Burnt Out Stable Girl, who were rather easily persuaded to collaborate when Roy met them at a party and 'auditioned' by bursting into song in the street outside. Regular sessions at a studio on the South coast have now resulted in a series of eclectic songs that feel melodic, dancey, spacey, dramatic and emotional.

Roy has a great voice, for sure, with the ambition and vision to go 21st Century pop star-stellar: " I would love to write the biggest songs ever, " he confirms. " Songs with meaning and feeling and balls and swagger and attitude"

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